"PBT" Helping to build the future...
"PBT" Helping to build the future...

About Warranty 


On the work done by our company, we provide our customer guarantees 12 month from End of the work.




This warranty does not cover, if after the end of the work were conducted in this place works by another contractor if changes were carried out by another company

warranty does not cover mechanical damage tiles as cracks arising due to hitting some object or other object is dropped on tiles.

The guarantee will not apply
Cracked seals, washers, or flexible hoses connecting bath taps, sink taps, etc.30 days after the end of work.
warranty does not cover, old bath taps, shower mixers, which were removed in an old bathroom, and according to customer re-installed in the bathroom after renovation.
we reserve the right to 72 hours of notification by customer complaints to contact again in order to arrange arrival time verify the legitimacy of complaints being reported.
If notified complaint will not be was founded with our guilty or warranty does not cover defects reported, after consultation with the client and we pass on the valuation of repair is not subordinate to the warranty. You will be charged the service fee and the materials needed to perform the service.

Emergency call: not covered by warranty:
charges 120 pounds plus the cost of the material needed to perform the services.

warranty does not cover also, existing water pipes in the house, not installed by our company.
also cracks walls (plasters coats ARISING result of the typical movements of the building, Which is older than 20 years.



By accepting customer estimate of the cost to perform the work of the same accepts the terms of the warranty. Read the terms of the guarantee is in the interest of the customer, the customer is responsible for reading the backward and the above-mentioned warranty conditions.

We reserve the right to withdraw from the implementation of services to the end, in cases where the client does not deliver on time materials or products needed to complete the service.
we reserve the right to stop work if a customer is late with payment for work according to previously agreed plan of payment, until it is settled Unpaid.
All additional work not included in the Estimate supplyed and accepted by the customer, will be subject to an additional fee upon prior arrangement with the customer.
After the expiration of the warranty period all repair services in your home will be held only for a fee agreed with the client.


If the client stops construction work without valid reason for more than 48 hours we reserve the right to withdraw from the further work in the home or premises where the works were stopped.

If a customer breaks a contract in the middle of work for some reason, you will have to pay for the work inscripturated already made, even if they are not completed.
for example if we consider the 35% of the work has been already done you will have to pay 35% of the total value of the order, if the works are made of 70% you will have to pay 70% of the value of the order


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