"PBT" Helping to build the future...
"PBT" Helping to build the future...


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. all work are insure !!!


PBT Polish Builders Team LTD 

up to £2,000,000
 - Public liability

up to £10,000,000- employers Liability start from:  31 January 2019 -  end on : 30 January 2020 

Certificate of Insurance 

Cover details: Contract works

Cover for

Covered up to

Section 5 - Contract works













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     You can phone us at            

078 419 34 986  or use our simple contact form to find out more.

Office Location


47 Hoadly Road


SW16 1AE



Phone:   078 419 34 986 


E-mail: pbtcyprian@outlook.com



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